Bring Home The Homestyle Taste™

Our traditional, country style classics are now available at your local supermarket. Now, just because we’re offering these with some modern convenience doesn’t mean we aren’t staying true to doing things the old fashioned way. Ever since Dan Evins opened his first Old Country Store back in 1969 we’ve done our best to serve the best. That means hand selecting our bacon before slow-smoking it over real-hardwood for hours. And dry-curing our hams for a real, rich flavor. It takes longer, but you can’t rush true taste.

The kind of taste we hope takes you back to breakfast in grandma’s kitchen. We like to remember her waking the family with pancakes cooking on the griddle. Making turkey sandwiches for snacks on a picnic. Or settling into a rocking chair, waiting for the Sunday ham to finish in the oven. And, of course, whipping up some gravy, for, well, everything. With our CB Old Country Store® buttermilk baking and pancake mix, hams, deli meats, and gravy mixes those authentic country flavors are closer than you think.

We think they just might evoke as many memories for you as they do for us. Because we can’t help but feel we’ve tapped into something deeper than taste. And we hope that you do too. Just look for us at your supermarket.